About Prism Design Co.

Hi, I'm Merry Ellen. I'm a creative with a knack for the geeky.


The artistic and the technical have always gone hand-in-hand for me. Coming from a background as a touring musician & songwriter, I've learned a lot about creating an intentional experience for an audience, coordinating ambitious projects, making connections, and building a following. Some of my first experiences with coding were back in the MySpace days - I had a few songs recorded, so I uploaded them to the site and spent inordinate amounts of time writing code to make my page look pretty.


Fast forward 12 years, and I've had the pleasure of working with some great clients-- first freelancing, then working as staff designer/developer for a tech shop (Nate's Computer Repair), a digital marketing agency (Lift Division), and now starting my own company, PRISM DESIGN CO.


I love helping businesses create an effective brand experience and connect with their audience, and the balance of the craft and technical work that goes into that.

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